Modern Coastal Decor Under $100

Aug, 14, 2019


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I definitely don’t have a very nautical or coastal design style, but I grew up near a lake and love the beach and believe there is still a way to tastefully incorporate pieces of those styles in our home. So I want to share some modern coastal decor with you today, if you’re like me and have a more modern home but still want to infuse it with some beachy touches.

Modern Coastal Home Decor

We live in Ohio so our summer is pretty much 3 months long – and we don’t live near any large bodies of water. Although I desperately wish we did! But I’m totally a beach/lake girl and love spending time at those places every chance I get. 

For me though, coastal decor isn’t plastering anchors and boats and signs that say “life is better in flip flops” all over our house. When I think of how I feel when I’m at the beach or lake, it’s relaxed and happy. And that translates into bright and airy in my decor.

Modern Coastal Home Decor Under $100

The one piece of home decor that I think can work with ANY style is a jute or sisal rug. It definitely gives off that beachy coastal vibe, but can also work in just about any room in any house.

This Round Jute Area rug from the Drew Barrymore Flower Home Line at Walmart adds in the perfect coastal vibe in our bedroom. I used to have a more colorful vintage runner here, but this is much more calming and creates a more neutral look.

Modern Coastal Decor with Jute Rug

I think the key to creating a calm and coastal space like this is sticking to a neutral color palette that keeps things light, bright and airy. As you can see, I used a lot of light colored wood pieces against a white background and that helps tie the space together.

This curved oak side table is a favorite piece of mine and has a more modern look, but still compliments this more coastal vibe as well. Can you believe it’s from Walmart? Seriously, they’ve totally upped their game lately and I’ve been super impressed with their selection of home decor items – particularly online.

I also love that all orders over $35 ship free AND they have FREE returns. That’s huge for me, because as a designer it’s all about trying new things in your home and sometimes something just might not feel right. So I can order as much as I want, knowing I won’t get charged if I end up needing to return it.

Summer might be ending soon, but I’m going to enjoy this more modern coastal vibe in our room for as long as I can – and maybe just pretend I live in california so I can keep it up longer 😉

Light Bright and Airy Beach Decor

So if you’re a beach or lake lover like me and want to bring it into your home without it screaming NAUTICAL, check out these more modern and neutral pieces that can help you achieve the look!


Affordable Modern Coastal Decor



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    August 14, 2019

    Love your style!! And in Ohio we actually live near Lake Erie which is a beautiful large body of water, as is Lake Michigan that is close by. I know these Great Lakes are not the ocean but they are awesome!

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