Dried Flowers and Gathering Baskets

Mar, 02, 2022

If you know me, you know I’m not the best plant mama. I want to be, and I will keep trying because nothing beats real plants and flowers, but for my own sanity, I use a lot of faux in our home. And I make it my mission to find the best ones – but there’s a happy middle ground too, and that’s dried and preserved florals!


dried florals in gathering basket

In the warmer months, I like to forage branches from outside which make great decor, but in the dead of winter, that fresh beautiful greenery is nowhere to be found. Over the years I’ve started to use dried and preserved florals and greenery which are a step up from faux and have that more realistic appearance, without the worry of having to water them all the time!

One of my favorite dried flowers to use is Sweet Annie. They sell it at a lot of antique stores and it’s such a sweet and delicate floral. It does shed when you’re handling it though so be aware! But it smells oh so good and looks so pretty in a vase.

Dried Flower Decor

And you can get creative with where you put them – I love placing some in a dough bowl, or a little basket hanging on the wall. Or my new favorite thing – gathering baskets! I received one from Anthropologie for a collab last year and think it just makes the perfect addition to a tabletop vignette.

I’ve rounded up a handful of dried florals and gathering baskets, so as you wait for everything to start blooming outside, you can enjoy a little pop of spring inside.

Dried Sweet Annie



February 3, 2022


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