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Apr, 21, 2022

It’s always a challenge to get back into a workout routine after having kids and I struggled for a while. Until I started using the Ergatta water rower and now I’m back at it and actually look forward to my workouts!

Ergatta Water Rower Review


I grew up playing sports and was a collegiate athlete so being active is something that’s very important to me. Between the time I had Hawkins and Odelia, I joined a local fitness studio that I really enjoyed and kept me on a pretty consistent schedule of working out. I’d go 2-3 times a week and really loved the group fitness aspect. And then I found out I was pregnant with Odelia and a month later the whole world shut down, including all the gyms.

I stayed active throughout my pregnancy by walking outside and chasing my other two kiddos around but after she was born I just wasn’t motivated to get back into it. I wanted to, but I just kept pushing it off and not making it a priority.

Ergatta reached out to me at the end of last summer about working together and I was instantly interested. Obviously the first thing that intrigued me was how beautiful it is! I mean, have you ever seen such a gorgeous piece of workout equipment?! It’s handmade out of American cherry wood and matches the aesthetic of our home perfectly.

Ergatta Water Rower

Besides it being pretty, I didn’t have much experience with rowing. I have memories of my dad’s old school rower growing up that I’d always hop on to slide back and forth on the seat but that was the extent of it. I decided I’d give it a go and see if it could help get me out of my work out funk and back into a solid routine.

Now I will say, when I first got it, I really did like it, but I still struggled to make working out a priority. I’m not sure what finally gave me the push I needed but a few months in I flipped a switch and was committed to getting on more regularly and putting my fitness first. I’m totally hooked and can’t get enough of my rower, so let me tell you all about it!



Push programs are collections of Interval and Race workouts that are organized around a final challenge. Each program has a recommended timeframe, a workout sequence that unlocks as you progress, and a final challenge. I love these because it gives you something to work towards and motivates you to get it done!

ergatta rower screen


Pulse Workouts give you a series of different targets to hit over time. You’ll be scored based on the percentage of targets you successfully hit. The goal is to hit a target zone, and then maintain that target for a set period of time.

Meteor workouts are inspired by classic 2D side-scrolling games. These challenges allow you to collect tokens as they fly through space at different target speeds calibrated specifically to you. The harder you row, the more points you earn. This is by far my favorite workout. Who doesn’t love a little competitive game? It feels like a video game and you totally forget you’re even working out!


Race Workouts are race-based competitions against yourself and other members of the Ergatta community. They are asynchronous, meaning you are not competing against others in real-time, but rather, against people’s previously recorded times. If you choose to race against others, you’ll be matched against 8 competitors at your skill level, or you can race against yourself and your previous performance.

Ergatta Rower Races


If you’d rather have something more unstructured, you can do an open row where you have the ability to set your time and distance.

The variety of workouts on the Ergatta is something that keeps things fun and interesting. And there are so many different lengths to choose from! Some races are a short sprint that are only a few minutes long or you can opt for something longer like an hour or more. And of course everything in between!

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Ergatta is non instructor led and game based – so instead of having a fitness instructor yelling at you, you’re motivated by the competitiveness of the workouts. You also burn calories at twice the rate of spinning and get a full body, low impact workout. I’ve done spinning and bike riding in the past and it always hurts my knees and butt. The Ergatta is comfy and easy on my joints.

Ergatta Rower Workouts

At first, I thought rowing would mainly target my arms, but it really is a full body workout. It targets your arms, legs and core and I have already seen some muscle starting to come back (and abs!) which has been amazing. 

The Ergatta is also a machine that is perfect for any fitness level. It uses intuitive AI technology that is uniquely calibrated to YOU. And the more you use it, the more if gets to know you and will help you work towards your goals.

Ergatta Rower Coupon Code

I already mentioned how beautiful it is, but another awesome thing Ergatta does is fold up super easily so you can store it against a wall and out of the way. But even sitting there folded, it’s gorgeous! We use ours in our bedroom and I don’t mind having it in there at all – it just feels like a part of our decor.

ergatta rowing machine folded

Everyone always asks me if the Ergatta is worth it and I always tell them yes! If you’re looking for a fun and different workout routine you will love it. The community is competitive, the programs are fun and the results noticeable. They offer a great monthly financing option that starts at $62 and you can use my exclusive code BRE50 for $50-off your Ergatta rower! This is the brand’s best offer right now, so use it while you can!


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    Niamul Islam Anan

    May 25, 2022

    These components seem very effective to me. I like the way you have reviewed it. Many thanks.

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