Meet Odelia!

Nov, 12, 2020

On September 10th we welcomed a sweet baby GIRL, Odelia into the world. She’s clearly already getting the shaft of being the third child since I’m writing her announcement post over 2 months later :-p But she has made our hearts so full and has been getting so much love from her brother and sister.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already heard the news and have been spammed with lots of baby content – but for those of you who are solely blog readers, I had to share!

Waiting to find out the gender was the best surprise EVER and I’m so glad that Dan made me wait. It’s a feeling I’ll never forget. 

I had a scheduled C-section (after having sections with both Eloise & Hawk) and she stayed put right until it was time. It’s such a weird feeling knowing the exact day your baby is going to be born. Even though I had C-sections with the other two – neither one came when we thought they would. You can read more about their stories if you missed them! (Eloise’s birth story / Hawk’s birth story).

We had to be at the hospital at 5 AM and my surgery was scheduled for 7 AM. Getting checked in and hooked up to the monitors only took a short time so Dan and I were left sitting alone, waiting for over an hour filled with so much anticipation. Even though I had been through it twice before, I was still anxious and nervous.

But all of that went away as soon as she was born and we heard my doctor say “it’s a girl!”. 

Everything went smoothly with the delivery, minus some really bad nausea I had that caused me to throw up as I was still laying on the table getting sewed back together. That was super fun. But luckily didn’t last long once they gave me some meds to help it go away. 

One of the hardest parts with a C-section is not being able to hold your baby right away. They took her and cleaned her up and then brought her over near my face so I could see her but all I wanted to do was grab her and wrap my arms around her.

It was probably about a half hour before they finished sewing me back up and wheeled me to the recovery room and then I was able to do skin on skin. Having a newborn baby snuggled up on your chest is probably the best feeling in the whole world.

My doctor gave me the option of staying 2 or 3 nights in the hospital and I chose 3 with no regrets. It was almost like a little vacation for Dan and I and I’ll always cherish those first few days the 3 of us got to spend together. 

Of course we missed Eloise & Hawk and were so sad they couldn’t come visit due to COVID but we soaked up those 3.5 days of peace and quiet in our little hospital room bubble.

My parents came to stay and help watch the kiddos which we will be forever grateful for. They stayed for about a week and a half which allowed me to heal and take care of Odelia. C-section recovery is HARD and I will always take all the help I can get.

The first couple of months were a blur and I can’t believe how fast time has already passed. Eloise and Hawk love their baby sister so much and we’re so thankful God has blessed us with another sweet babe to take care of.

We didn’t choose the name Odelia until a couple of weeks before she was born. I found it on a website one night and really liked it, then fell even more in love with it after reading it’s meaning: I will praise the Lord.

And we’re praising the Lord every day for this precious child <3


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