Big Girl Room with Floral Wallpaper

Apr, 30, 2024
Big Girl Room Inspiration

It’s been a long time coming but I finally finished Odelia’s big girl room. Just in time to turn it back into a nursery :-p But it needed it’s moment to shine and I’m so excited to finally share this big girl room with floral wallpaper with you!

toddler girl room ideas

Last fall I started her big girl room makeover after we transitioned her out of her crib. And then I found out I was pregnant and was probably going to have to turn her room back into a nursery. So I never really “finished” it. Until I got an email that Better Homes & Gardens wanted to come to our home for a photoshoot and hers was one of the rooms on the shot list.

I never planned on tying up all the loose ends in here, but the photo shoot gave me the opportunity to do it and take all the pretty pictures. So let’s dive in!


The biggest change I made in here was adding this gorgeous floral wallpaper. It’s the Henny Ginseng pattern from Sandberg Wallpaper and feels so soft and feminine and vintage. It instantly transformed the look of this room and felt like the perfect print for Odelia.

DIY Fabric Lamp Shade

Unfortunately it doesn’t feel so right for our little baby boy, so I’m sadly going to be hanging up a different wallpaper over it. More on that soon 😉

Floral Wallpaper in Girls Room

This was my first time in a while using traditional wallpaper instead of peel and stick and it definitely has its advantages and wasn’t as daunting as it sounds. You just apply the paste straight to the wall and place your paper. There’s quite a bit of leeway to slide the paper around to get it in the perfect position. And it’s definitely worth it.

The rug is a new addition as well – it’s from my friend Liz over at Six Vintage Rugs and I couldn’t love it more. She has the most beautiful one of a kind pieces and I love how to pink ties into the wallpaper.


All three of our kiddos have vintage beds and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hunted this one down on Facebook Marketplace back in my hometown and had my parents bring it with them on a visit. It’s in such beautiful shape and adds so much character to this space.

Big Girl Room Inspiration

I layered some floral sheets with a neutral, thin comforter, kantha quilt and a gorgeous blanket I found at an estate sale. And I hardly ever have to make her bed because she just sleeps on top of it all with her bright pink minnie mouse blanket, ha!

Odelia is going to be moving into Eloise’s room with bunk beds, but we will most definitely be keeping this bed for when baby boy gets older.


The murphy bed is still a part of this room, and probably always will be. This used to be our guest room, but after we had Odelia, we made it a guest room/nursery combo. Since papa lives in the basement, we don’t have any room anywhere else for guests. So when my parents or anyone else comes to stay, Odelia just has a sleepover with someone and this becomes a guest room again.

Guest Room with Murphy Bed

We tackled the murphy bed project when I was about 7 months pregnant with her and it was a beast but has been the best and most functional piece of furniture for this space. Plus it’s awfully pretty too.

The ceiling was something we kept the same as well. We added these faux ceiling beams we made and painted them in the color Sable Evening by valspar. It ended up going really well with the floral wallpaper so I didn’t repaint it!


I didn’t make too many other big changes in here besides some vintage decor here and there. The dresser is the same one we used as a changing table and I found that amazing lamp shade at Goodwill. I gave the base a little DIY makeover and love how the scallop ties into the femininity of the room.

Vintage Inspired Big Girl Room

The nightstand was an antique store find and I just love the floral accent on it. The sconce above I purchased online and wrapped the shade in some fabric to make it feel more unique.

Vintage Decor Girls Room

I also switched out the neutral, linen curtains I had in here and hung these pretty brown gingham curtains. The ability to pattern mix is something I admire so much in other designers and is something I tried to work on in this space. It’s definitely a learning process but the more you practice the easier it gets. And I adore how the gingham curtains and floral wallpaper look together!

Toddler Girl Room

I’m going to be sad to say goodbye to this room but I’m excited about another nursery. Stay tuned for those plans!



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