Spring green giveaway 300sq

Happy weekend friends! I’m so excited to be sharing this giveaway with you today. I mean, who doesn’t want $300 to Pottery Barn? I know I do! This giveaway is brought to you by many fabulous ladies, and we’re all celebrating Emily from Table & Hearth. Her blog recently turned one and she’s been having a giveaway every day this week! That’s a lot of free stuff. So you should probably head over there and enter all of them! And… Read more »

Watercolor Heart Print

Happy Friday friends!! I’m SO excited it’s the weekend because tomorrow I get to hang out with Chip and Jo Jo from Fixer Upper. Ok, by hang out I mean go see them speak at the Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo and stalk wait in line for their meet and greet and force them to my BFFs. Hopefully I don’t scare them away. But in all seriousness. I’m determined to at least get a picture with them and maybe give… Read more »

Marsala Chest - 2015 Color of the Year

Well it sure is a good thing Valspar sent me a gallon of Marsala for the Valentines Day Challenge! I had a lovely woman from Craiglist who was interested in that little table I made, but unfortunately it was too small for what she needed. She did however leave with my Klein Blue Cabinet and a custom order for her own Marsala piece She spotted this guy on my porch: And the size was perfect for her new salon she… Read more »

Spring is in the Air Free Printable

HAPPY SPRING! How perfect is it that the first day of spring just happens to fall on a Friday so I can share this freebie with you today? Ok I would have shared it with you anyway, but still The snow is slowly melting around here but the birds are starting to chirp and the grass is peeking it’s way through. I’ve even spotted a couple little flowers sprouting in our yard. I love this time of year, when everything comes… Read more »

Scandinavian Pink French Provincial Side Table

It’s time for another Themed Furniture Makeover Day! If you’re new around here, each month me and some super talented furniture painters get together and share a piece we created based on the same theme. And this month was…DISTRESSED! You can check out last month’s, which was chairs, here. This little lady, who I’ve named Scandy, has so many fun elements I love about her. But let’s start with how she looked when I rescued her from the depths of… Read more »

Klein Blue Cabinet with Arrow Handles

VOTE HERE! Hi friends! Remember this guy? You may recall that I was entering him into General Finishes’ Annual Design Contest and I’m here to shamelessly ask you for votes Voting opened yesterday and remains open until March 25th. You can only vote once, but can do so from different IP addresses; so grab your tablets, phones, laptops, home and work computers and show this guy some love! I got amazing feedback on this makeover and hope that you’ll continue the… Read more »

DIY Stencil Letter Quote

Wow it feels weird not posting a YDTT party today. Sad! But it just means more room for projects! I’m all about oversized quotes and prints, but the problem is that they are usually pretty pricey. Let me tell you…this one is as cheap as they come It all started when we were out to eat one night and I spotted these super cute quotes lined up across a ledge. Obviously I had to snap a pic so I would… Read more »

You Are Capable of Amazing Things Free Printable

Happy Friday friends! It FINALLY feels like spring up in here, yay! And you know what that means?! My porch is open for business! No more painting on the kitchen floor for this girl. I can’t wait to get outside and use my power sander. Is that weird? I’m seriously so excited about it. Anywayssss, on to today’s freebie. I’m all about this color palette for spring. I’m already planning a furniture makeover using it so I hope you like it… Read more »

DIY Shutter Door with Basket Storage

  So today is supposed to be Monthly DIY Challenge day, but unfortunately life got in the way for most of my bloggy friends who participate. Except for me and my girl Katie from Little House of Four, so we decided to post anyway This month’s theme was Doors. My original idea was to find a small piece of furniture I could make some mini sliding barn doors for; but I never found one and they were never made. I’ll… Read more »


Hi friends! If you missed the news last week, Your Designs This Time is coming to an end. We each picked two features this week to share with you and you guys did not disappoint! There was so much amazingness linked up for our last party, and I truly appreciate you guys taking the time to share your talents with us. I’ve got lots of goodies in store for the blog and am looking forward to trying some new things… Read more »

Daring Adventure Free Printable

Happy Friday friends! Whew, this was my first full week back as a working woman and man am I pooped! TGIF has meaning again and I can’t wait for the weekend. Do you guys have any fun plans?? It’s slowly but surely creeping out of the single digits and I think I saw some 40s in the 10 day forecast…FINALLY. I am SO ready for spring and flowers and sunshine. You too? I thought so. And hopefully today’s freebie helps remind… Read more »


Hi guys! You might remember a couple weeks ago when I shared this freebie, and I asked if any of you would be interested in learning how I made it. Well some of you said yes and I’m here today to show you! I get asked all the time what program I use to make my freebies, and there isn’t one straight answer. As a designer, I use Adobe Creative Suite and depending on the design, I use either Illustrator,… Read more »


Hi my friends! As you’ve probably guessed from the title of this post, this will be the last week to link up and party here at YDTT. The ladies from Elizabeth Joan Designs started this fabulous party a year ago and we’ve all decided it’s time part ways and explore other creative outlets for our blogs. You can still link up this week and next week we will EACH pick 2 of our favorite posts to feature one last time. I just want… Read more »

Don't Ever Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

Happy Friday friends! This week has been a little crazy over here because I started a new full time job on Tuesday! Ahh. I’m super excited about it, but am also going to miss being on my own schedule and having so much time for blogging. It’s definitely been an adjustment and will continue to be, so bare with me while I get settled in Today’s freebie is a simple design with a simple message. We all have a sparkle…don’t… Read more »

Klein Blue Cabinet with Arrow Handles

I can’t hide my excitement about this one you guys! I think it’s my favorite piece to date. General Finishes sent me some samples of their paint a while back and I finally got around to using this gorgeous color; Klein Blue. I’d seen it used before and liked it but was just waiting for the right piece of furniture to come along. It’s definitely bold. And I love it It came at the perfect time too, because General Finishes is holding… Read more »