Hi guys! You might remember a couple weeks ago when I shared this freebie, and I asked if any of you would be interested in learning how I made it. Well some of you said yes and I’m here today to show you! I get asked all the time what program I use to make my freebies, and there isn’t one straight answer. As a designer, I use Adobe Creative Suite and depending on the design, I use either Illustrator,… Read more »


Hi my friends! As you’ve probably guessed from the title of this post, this will be the last week to link up and party here at YDTT. The ladies from Elizabeth Joan Designs started this fabulous party a year ago and we’ve all decided it’s time part ways and explore other creative outlets for our blogs. You can still link up this week and next week we will EACH pick 2 of our favorite posts to feature one last time. I just want… Read more »

Don't Ever Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

Happy Friday friends! This week has been a little crazy over here because I started a new full time job on Tuesday! Ahh. I’m super excited about it, but am also going to miss being on my own schedule and having so much time for blogging. It’s definitely been an adjustment and will continue to be, so bare with me while I get settled in Today’s freebie is a simple design with a simple message. We all have a sparkle…don’t… Read more »

Klein Blue Cabinet with Arrow Handles

I can’t hide my excitement about this one you guys! I think it’s my favorite piece to date. General Finishes sent me some samples of their paint a while back and I finally got around to using this gorgeous color; Klein Blue. I’d seen it used before and liked it but was just waiting for the right piece of furniture to come along. It’s definitely bold. And I love it It came at the perfect time too, because General Finishes is holding… Read more »

What's on My Porch 1

You’re probably wondering what the heck this post is about huh? Well, if you’ve followed me for a while, you might have an idea. But if you’re new around here, we rent a small apartment and our porch is my work space. That is, when it’s not -5 degrees outside. But even in the cold temps, the porch is where I keep most of my pieces I pick up until they’re ready to come inside and get some lovin’. So… Read more »


Hi friends! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend It was in the 30’s here…HEAT WAVE!! And now we’re back to the negatives, womp womp. Where are you spring?! I need my Vitamin D! We’ve got some amazing features this week and I’m so excited to see what you’ve been working on! We’d love for you to follow your hosts in some way! Brepurposed :: Blog – Pinterest – Facebook – Google + – Twitter – Instagram Elizabeth Joan Designs :: Blog – Pinterest – Facebook – Google + – Twitter Restless Arrow ::  Blog – Pinterest – Facebook – Google + Little House of Four… Read more »

Fun is Good - Free Dr. Seuss Printable

40 weeks of Friday’s Fab Freebie already?! Where has the time gone?? I’m gonna have to do something special for number 50 Speaking of time flying, I still can’t believe that Brepurposed turned 1 earlier this week. If you haven’t had a chance to take the reader survey, I would love it if you did! You can find it here. Sometimes finding quote for these freebies is really easy, and other times I could be on Pinterest for an hour… Read more »

White, Gold and Grey Chair Makeover

It’s a good thing I like monthly challenges huh? If you missed last week’s Monthly DIY Challenge check it out here! And if you’re new around here, Themed Furniture Makeover Day happens every second to last Thursday of each month. Ok, so this month’s theme was CHAIRS! I had the perfect one I picked up in Pittsburgh along with this filing cabinet and this buffet. I really hit the jackpot at Construction Junction and have been itching to go back… Read more »


Ok so technically Brepurposed turned 1 on Sunday, um what?! Where did this year go?? But we’re celebrating today I seriously can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this little old blog and am in even more awe of how much it’s grown. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I began but am so grateful for all the amazing opportunities and friends I have made along the way. THANK YOU!! I honestly wouldn’t… Read more »


Happy Monday friends! Hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day weekend with your loved ones and stayed warm! Anyone else freezing their buns off in these negative temps? I’m so ready for spring. Anyone else?? This weather is really cramping my style! Ok now let’s see what crafty goodness you have been up to! We’d love for you to follow your hosts in some way! Brepurposed :: Blog – Pinterest – Facebook – Google + – Twitter – Instagram Elizabeth Joan Designs :: Blog – Pinterest – Facebook – Google + – Twitter Restless Arrow ::  Blog – Pinterest – Facebook – Google + Little House… Read more »

Free Kindness Cards Printable

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I was thinking about how not everyone will be spending the weekend with that special someone. But we all deserve to feel loved and receive a little gift. So I was inspired to create these “kindness cards” and I want to challenge you. Print them out and carry them with you. Toss them in your purse or your coat pocket and hand them to people while you’re out and about. Leave them on a store shelf,… Read more »


Watch out, we’ve got a graphic! Things are official now If you’re new around here, me and my bloggy buds get together every second Wednesday of each month to bring you a project using the same theme or material. We’ve done things like crates, pumpkins and wood slices and this month our challenge was to use plumbing materials. I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t really like my project. And was really close to scrapping the whole thing. But, I wanted to… Read more »


I may have a slight obsession with fresh flowers. They make everything better and just put you in a good mood. So when ProFlowers asked if I wanted to participate in their Valentine’s Day Centerpiece Challenge, I couldn’t resist. I got to pick my choice of floral arrangements to create my own centerpiece design and yes I was like a little kid in a candy shop. I’m already really bad at making decisions, and when there are so many beautiful flowers… Read more »


Welcome back to another party friends! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to link up and get inspired. Let’s see what you you’ve all been up to! We’d love for you to follow your hosts in some way! Brepurposed :: Blog – Pinterest – Facebook – Google + – Twitter – Instagram Elizabeth Joan Designs :: Blog – Pinterest – Facebook – Google + – Twitter Restless Arrow ::  Blog – Pinterest – Facebook – Google + Little House of Four :: Blog – Pinterest – Facebook – Google +   Don’t have a designated mudroom?  No problem.   Rebecca Boyce Interiors created the perfect rustic entry and shares tips… Read more »


Who’s excited for the weekend?! I know I am. And I don’t even have any plans. I think that’s why I’m excited I can’t wait to hole up inside away from the cold and work on some projects and relax. Sounds like perfection to me. I spent quite a while on Etsy last night looking up funny valentines trying to find a good quote for today’s freebie. I gotta say there are some good ones out there; also some very inappropriate… Read more »