How to Turn a Basket into a Pendant Light

Sep, 28, 2016

,One of the last things I wanted to get for Eloise’s new nursery was a light. There was a ceiling fan in there which I couldn’t wait to get rid of. After living in rentals where we couldn’t really replace the lights or fans, I was so excited to do some pendant light shopping. To go along with the boho vibe I wanted to get some sort of wicker or rattan one but they were all so dang expensive. I decided if I found the right type of basket I would just turn it into a light myself, and being patient paid off. When I was home a couple weekends ago, I went thrifting with my mom and came across the most amazing basket that I knew was the perfect piece to use. So today I’m going to show you How to Turn a Basket into a Pendant Light so you can save some pennies too 😉


How To turn A Basket Into A Light


Find the perfect basket. $20 people. It couldn’t be more beautiful.

Basket Light DIY


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Buy a light kit. I got mine off amazon but they have the same one at Home Depot and both places sell them in different colors!
DIY Light Supplies


Make a hole in the bottom of your basket big enough to fit the end of the pendant. I was able to just use some scissors and cut the middle section off of each of these strips that overlapped each other.
DIY Hanging Basket Light
DIY Basket Pendant Light


Unscrew the retaining ring from the socket and put the socket into the hole you just created and then screw the retaining ring back on.
Hangin Pendant Light DIY


Using wire cutters, cut your cord down to the length you want it. Leave a little extra just in case (you can always push it up into the ceiling). Once you cut the plastic casing around the wires, make sure you strip your wires back. This is so you’re able to connect them to the ones in the ceiling.
Hardwired Pendant Light DIY


Remove old, ugly ceiling fan.
Remvoing Old Light Fixture

How To Remove Old Light Fixture


Follow the instructions that come with your light kit and make sure to turn off the electricity before you start!
How To Add New Light Fixture


Screw in a new light bulb and admire your pretty new light!

Boho Basket Hanging Light


DIY Boho Hanging Light

I don’t want to give away too much of the nursery, so you’ll have to wait until the full reveal next week to see how it looks! But I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! And of course thanks to the hubs for installing it for me 🙂

How To Turn A Basket Into a Pendant Light



  1. Reply

    kathryn wise

    July 21, 2017

    why not hang it from the ceiling fan? remove the light kit and put in basket light?

  2. Reply


    May 12, 2017

    I wish I could see how this looks at night. I always see beautiful lights, but sometimes I think they are more decorative than practical. Does this provide a fair bit of light and disperse it around the room without creating weird shadows?

  3. Reply


    May 4, 2017

    Love this idea!!! Very inspiring!!

  4. Reply

    Emily salinas

    February 16, 2017

    Can I ask where you got the basket from?

    • Reply


      February 16, 2017

      It was from a thrift store!

  5. Reply


    December 1, 2016

    That is a beautiful basket! My hubby is an electrician and he always turns the switch off and cuts the power at the breaker box, better safe than sorry.

    • Reply


      December 1, 2016

      Thank you! And yes, always a good idea to do that!

  6. Reply

    Naomie Moore

    November 8, 2016

    Love the basket! $20 was a steal! Great easy to follow instructions too, very helpful! When I moved into my current home there were NO ceiling fixtures in any of the bedrooms. I spent a small fortune upgrading the electrical panel to add fixtures – and install ceiling fans! Then again I live in the devil’s inferno and need them. Your daughter is just the sweetest! She is a lucky girl! Thanks again!

    • Reply


      November 9, 2016

      Thank you so much!! I totally get needing ceiling fans living in a hot climate! Electrical can be such a pain in the butt!

  7. Reply

    Janet Beerman

    November 7, 2016

    Gorgeous basket/light. Seems to me, though, that it’s a big fire hazard. Heat and dry straw — WOW!!!!!

    • Reply


      November 7, 2016

      Hi Janet, thank you for your concern, but I would never put anything that was a potential fire hazard in my daughter’s bedroom. The light kit is safe and the bulb isn’t actually touching any part of the basket. 🙂

  8. Reply


    November 7, 2016

    It’s lovely! I do have a comment though and please don’t take this as criticism but……is this a potential fire hazard? I can’t tell from the pics if there is any metal discs, etc that go on either side of the lamp/bulb. If there is a disc or plate that goes over the wicker, I think it would be okay but if not, when the bulb gets hot, just wondering if there is potential for ignition. Food for thought.

    • Reply


      November 7, 2016

      Hi Bev! The light kit I bought comes with the necessary metal accessories needed to make this completely safe. The bulb isn’t actually touching the basket in any way. 🙂

  9. Reply

    Monique | writingmonique

    October 3, 2016

    Ah! This is such a lovely idea! It looks so good!

    • Reply


      October 4, 2016

      Thank you so much Monique!

  10. Reply


    October 2, 2016

    Love IT!
    Can’t wait for the nursery reveal! (and love the “LOVE” letters too! hope you’ll also reveal your source!)

    • Reply


      October 2, 2016

      Thank you Darla! Can’t wait to share the full room! The LOVE letters are from Hobby Lobby 🙂

  11. Reply

    Marlene @ Idle Hands Awake

    October 1, 2016

    Bre, this is just too beautiful! And you make it look so easy too. I need to take you thrifting with me, you clearly have a magical way of finding beautiful pieces! xoxo

  12. Reply

    Rachel M Smith

    September 30, 2016

    Brilliant! Such a lovely basket too!

    • Reply


      October 1, 2016

      Thanks Rachel!!

  13. Reply

    Jessica at househomemaDe

    September 28, 2016

    That looks awesome!

    • Reply


      September 29, 2016

      Thank you so much Jessica!!

  14. Reply

    Amy | DelineatE Your Dwelling

    September 28, 2016

    Goooooooodness. I’m going to start hunting for a ginormous basket like this because this turned out so stunning! Love it, Bre.

    • Reply


      September 29, 2016

      You totally need to! It’s so easy and so much cheaper! So glad you love it!

  15. Reply

    Katie @ Little House of Four

    September 28, 2016

    I can’t believe you picked up that gorgeous basket for $20!!! Such a great find and perfect light for the space. I love it!

    • Reply


      September 29, 2016

      Right?! I couldn’t believe it was only $20! Thanks girl!

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