DIY No Weave Wall Hanging :: Part Two

Jun, 20, 2016

I know you’re probably having deja vu right now am I right?? Yes, I already posted a DIY No Weave Wall Hanging but I had left over materials so of course I had to make another one 😉


DIY No Weave Wall hanging

This one is a little bit smaller. I needed something above my nightstand and it was the perfect addition. So if you didn’t read my first post, I bought a cheapo rug from Ollies and used that as the base of my hanging.

Rug Turned Into Wall hanging

This one I kept more neutral than the other one and just used the chunky, cream yarn.

Chunky Yarn for Wall Hanging

I started out at the bottom, using a pen to push pieces of the yarn through the rug piece and then tied three standard knots.

No Weave Wall Hanging

Honestly, I wasn’t paying too close attention to the length of my pieces because I planned on cutting them into a more straight pattern anyway. But I kind of liked how they were different lengths so I left it as is.

I needed to add something to the middle so I decided to make a little triangular pattern. I simply tied some pieces of yarn into a knot and cut off the access so I had little balls like these.

Knotted Yarn for Wall Hanging

Then I just used my hot glue gun to glue them down and make my pattern. To cover up the top threads that were sticking out, I pushed pieces of yarn through the back.  Then, I folded them over the top and glued them down on the back for a much cleaner look. Then, I stained a dowel rod and attached it with some more yarn and then hung it up!

Boho Wall Hanging DIY

DIY No Weave Wall Hanging

No weave Wall Decor

I’m having way too much fun making these. I might need to go on the hunt for another rug so I can make even more 😉

DIY No Weave Boho Wall Hanging



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    Lolly Jane

    June 22, 2016

    My goodness, Bre, sooo darling! LOVE this!!

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      June 27, 2016

      thanks ladies!! xo

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