Home Tour Part 2 and Sweet {Jolie} Vintage

May, 29, 2014

I’ve been itching to share my post with you guys all week! Have you been following along with the other Home Girls? I hope so! If you missed Kristi’s post yesterday, you can check it out here. She started off Nicole’s home tour and all I can say is I hope she’s ready for a permanent guest! I’m moving in. I’ve already decided. Isn’t her home so beautiful? We wanted to do it justice and knew it couldn’t be done in one day, so I’m here to share more vintagey goodness with you! And introduce Sweet {Jolie} Vintage 🙂

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So let’s move onto the master bedroom and en suit as well as the kiddo’s bedrooms. Let’s just say if this was my room, I would NEVER get out of bed. I would just sit and stare at all the awesomeness. Check it out.

Incredible right? I really admire Nicole’s style and how it stays consistent throughout her entire house. And the best part? Each piece has it’s own little story. I could write a post about each and every object in her home. But for now, I’ll just stick to a few 🙂

Love that wall behind the bed as much as me? Totally looks like white washed wood right? Wrong! it’s wall paper from Anthropologie and comes from Holland. They hung it horizontally to make the room look wider.

How amazing is that open shelving?? I love the industrial look and how it’s mixed with personal and vintage items. The color palette is so warm and inviting!

Curious about that light fixture next to the bed? So was I! It was a gift from Nicole to her husband for Christmas and is made from industrial style piping. The vintage bottle attached is from the Franklin Brewery in Columbus, OH and dates back to the 1890’s. And that faucet handle? Acts as a switch to turn the light on and off. Um, what?! How cool is that?!

I know you’re dying to learn more about those lockers aren’t you? I certainly was. They are one of Nicole’s favorite finds, sanded down to expose the original metal. Purchased off of Kijiji, Nicole and her husband use them as storage in place of a traditional bedroom set.

Ever heard of a typewriter that folds in half? Now you have! Nicole found this vintage Corona Typewriter from 1912 at an auction and knew it would be the perfect addition to her home.

So what do you think about this master bedroom? Pretty incredible right?! I totally admire Nicole’s taste and love how everything feels like it’s in the perfect spot.

Ok moving on to the en suite. Swoon away!

I don’t know about you but I want to crawl into that tub with a good book and a glass of wine and never get out.

The “magazine rack” you see there is actually a vintage heat register that has been turned upside down and screwed into the wall.

That gorgeous bathroom vanity? Nicole found it at an auction for $400 and had her hubs cut a hole for the sink. It fits so beautifully with the vibe of the bathroom.

I would never think to put towels in a bowl on the ground but I love it! It’s from the 1800’s and was originally from Holland.

This en suite is the perfect extension of their bedroom, and makes for an amazing little retreat when you just need some time to yourself.

Next up is the kiddo’s rooms!

I can only hope when I have kids that their rooms look as cool as this!

Those colorful birds on the blue window are made out of scrap paper and were originally made by Children in Japan as a fundraiser. Ok, my heart is melting!

Nicole is slightly obsessed with rocking horses and each of her children have one on their room! The polka dot wooden one is very old and was a gift from their neighbors and the metal rocking one was found at an auction. Such a cool piece to use as a constant theme with all her kids, don’t ya think?

Scales comes in all shapes and sizes and this one I’m especially in love with. It was found at an auction sale and the person Nicole bought it from could tell she was head over heels for it.  It used to belong to the seller’s grandmother who was a nurse and he sold it to her for $10 as long as she promised to keep it forever. I love those kinds of stories!

Taking a look into Nicole’s swoon worthy home is the perfect segway into her newest business venture: Sweet {Jolie} Vintage.

I talked to Nicole about this new addition to her company, how it came to be and where she sees it heading.

1 :: What made you branch out and start Sweet {Jolie} Vintage?
I’ve always had a HUGE love of all things vintage and reclaimed, and I’ve been going to Auctions with my Dad for some time now!! My favorite thing to do is go to an Auction and win a bid on a great, unique piece that NO ONE else will have in their home! I started getting specific requests from friends, family members and Sweet {Jolie} customers who came to my home so I thought maybe I should branch out into curating items for people.

My background is in Interior Design and I graduated with a degree in Interior Design Technology from NAIT in 2000. Ever since then, my passion has been to make my space, as well as other people’s spaces, the best that they can be!

2:: Where do you find your pieces?
I go to Auctions, Antique Markets, Estate Sales etc…The thrill, for me, is in the hunt for a specific piece whether it be for myself personally, or for a customer.

3:: Do you alter any of the pieces that you find?
I don’t 🙁 I know of MANY talented people who can refinish pieces and make them look amazing but I try and find pieces that I like “as is”.

4:: What is your favorite thing about a vintage item?
All of it – the story, the patina, the history, the age of it…I love finding new uses for older items and I appreciate the details and intricacy of found pieces. I personally have vintage industrial esthetic throughout my home, so I’m typically drawn to that style of piece.

5:: How do you see Sweet {Jolie} Vintage growing in the next couple of years?
I’m hoping to expand into more 1 on 1 home consults and design projects. I love working with customers and tweaking their spaces!! I also have worked with people starting from scratch and helping them find their style and design preferences.

I don’t know about you but I kinda wanna hire Nicole right now. Her style is so unique and I know any space she comes in contact with will be turned into a work of art. I’m so excited to follow along with Sweet {Jolie} Vintage and see all the wonderful treasures she finds along the way!

And with that, we conclude our week long look into the wonderful Nicole of Sweet {Jolie} and Sweet {Jolie} Vintage! BUT there is still time to enter to win the giveaway! You have until midnight tonight. Tomorrow we will be announcing the lucky winner and it could be YOU! What would you buy with your $50 gift card?! I’m sure you’ve gotten some pretty good ideas after reading all our posts 😉

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Make sure to check back here tomorrow to see who the winner is! Hope you all have a fantastic day and have enjoyed this week of events as much as we have!



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    May 29, 2014

    Love it! Great post 🙂 And you’re right, her home is absolutely to die for! I want to move in STAT.

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      May 29, 2014

      Thanks Erica! Isn’t it unbelievable?! I think she’s going to have a lot of people who want to move in after seeing how beautiful it is haha. Have a great night 🙂

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