DIY Painted Rattan Plate Holders

May, 31, 2016

Anyone else remember using these paper plate holders back in the day? They’re actually quite genius and made it easy to pile up your plate with yummy food without it getting soggy and folding over on you. You saw a little peak at these in my Modern Boho Sitting Nook but I wanted to share the quick tutorial on how they came to be with you today. I love how these DIY Painted Rattan Plate Holders turned out and I’m so happy that I have more left over to play with 🙂


DIY Painted Rattan Plate Holders

I lucked out at the thrift store and got a huge pile of like 20 of these for $1. Holla. I thought about just hanging them up on the wall as is (I may have done this in another part of our master 😉 but for my little nook I wanted to do something fun with them. My friend Haeley did something similar and I really loved the simplicity of it. I just had to think up some fun patterns to use!

Wicker Plate Holders into Wall Decor

This is only a third of my stack 😉

:: Rattan Plate Holders
:: Craft Paint
:: Frog Tape

Painted Wicker Plate Holders

Once you have a pattern decided, tape it off with your frog tape.

Taped off Painted Plate Holder

Painted Design on Plate Holder

Tip: If you’re making a symmetrical pattern, lift up your tape and use it again on the other side. Of course I realized I should have done that after I finished mine 😉

Grab a paint brush and paint between the tape, then remove it and let dry! Easy right?

Boho Painted Rattan Wall Decor

Boho Rattan Wall Decor

Here they are in my nook again!

Basket Wall Decor DIY

I love how they accent the window and add some more wood colored tones to this space. And I’ve got lots left over that will be making an appearance again soon!

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DIY Boho Painted Rattan Plate Holders



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    Christina in FL

    May 31, 2016

    Bre, these looks wonderful! I love the texture and warm color they add. Brilliant!!! Nice score at the thrift store.

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      May 31, 2016

      Thank you so much Christina!

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