One Room Challenge Week 4 – Tile is Done!

Apr, 25, 2019

We’ve made some major progress this past week you guys! I’m feeling really good with where we’re at and can’t wait to get this bathroom done so we have a functional room again. So let’s talk about everything we’ve accomplished so far.

If you’re new here be sure to check out all the previous week updates!

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Last week we had started getting the white tile up and this week we’ve got it all up! It’s not a huge space so I knew it wouldn’t take long, we just had to work around my FIL’s schedule. Luckily he had some time off and was able to get this done for us.

White Vertical Tile in the Bathroom

I absolutely LOVE how this tile looks. It has a subtle wave and shine to it that gives it some movement and the organic edges give it some character. I’m glad I chose this over something completely flat with flat edges.

We also got the shelf in which I’m so happy with! I’ll be doing a more detailed post on how we installed that soon but it’s really so easy!

Installing a shelf between tile in a bathroom

Shelf in bathroom resting above tile

My biggest hurdle this week was picking a grout color. I shared a lot of this on instagram stories with you guys because I could not make up my mind for the life of me. I didn’t know if I should do the same color for both or two different ones.

A bunch of you sent me this photo from Fireclay tile which pretty much sealed the deal for me to do white against the green.

Green tile in bathroom with white grout

So this is how it looked with the white on top and nothing on the bottom yet. It kind of looks like the bottom has a grey grout just like this and it got me thinking. I really liked the way that looked.

Green tile with white grout in the bathroom

In the end I decided to do white for everything. I felt that it would make it cleaner and more cohesive and I didn’t want to introduce another color. My FIL is finishing up the bottom grout today so you’ll have to head to instagram to see the behind the scenes!

Color block tile in a half bath

Our contractor is coming over this weekend to help us get the vanity and sink installed and then we’ll be good shape! Can’t wait to share more with you guys!



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    Pat M.

    April 26, 2019

    Another win-win for your bathrooms. I loved your large master and this is shaping up to be just as amazing. You have such a great eye for style, yet livable solutions.

    • Reply


      April 28, 2019

      Thank you so much, Pat! Excited to get this one done!

  2. Reply


    April 26, 2019

    I’m watching from Costa Rica and am “green” with envy. I love your green tile and sticking to one clean color of grout, less is more. Spot on with your ORC!

    Melissa Mele Moskowitz

    • Reply


      April 28, 2019

      Thank you Melissa!! <3

  3. Reply


    April 26, 2019

    Bre, I am a huge fan of your last bathroom One Room Challenge and this one is shaping up to be another amazing makeover. Loving that tile!!

    • Reply


      April 28, 2019

      Thank you so much, Libbie!

  4. Reply

    Janis DaDaugherty

    April 25, 2019

    Love it!!

  5. Reply

    Jenn @ SimplyOnEden

    April 25, 2019

    Great choice Bre, it’s going to look so fabulous!

    • Reply


      April 28, 2019

      Thank you Jenn! <3

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